Derekh Kochavim

Run to me with your feet,

race to me with your legs.

For I have a word to tell you,

a message to recount to you:

the word of the tree and the whisper of the stone,

the murmur of the heavens to the earth,

of the sea to the stars.

I understand the lightning that the heavens do not know,

the word that the people do not know,

and earth’s masses cannot understand.

Come, and I will reveal it:

in the midst of my mountain, divine Zaphon,

in the sanctuary, in the mountain of my inheritance,

in the pleasant place, in the hill of my victory.”

From the Ba’al Cycle in Stories From Ancient Canaan (second edition), as translated by Michael D. Coogan and Mark S. Smith

Derekh Kochavim, which is Hebrew for “The Starry Way”, is the name I have chosen for my personal reconstruction of Levantine polytheism from a modern Jewish perspective, localized to my actual physical location in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This practice is also informed by the impacts of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans on the Levant throughout ancient history.

  • Hokhmah (Wisdom)
  • Qedosim (Holy Ones) (TBD)
  • Machzor Kochavim (The Starry Wheel) (TBD)

The primary languages used within Derekh Kochavim are English and Hebrew, with the usage of ancient Ugaritic, Egyptian, and Greek in specific cases.

Derekh Kochavim is a work in progress, an ever-evolving, living tradition. Changes will certainly take place, and as they do, I hope to document them via this blog.