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Tarot by Jen Theodore via Unsplash

Tarot for the New Year

The strange energy around the secular new year (December 31st / January 1st) has always fascinated me. This is often a time when many of us feel an odd pressure to “get started” doing a lot of things, but in truth, our bodies and minds are still in “winter hibernation mode” and we are prone …

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A natural labyrinth at Land's End in San Francisco

Symbols of Minoan Religion

The following research notes are a part of my ongoing Minoan/early Mycenaean religion reconstruction project. For more of these posts, visit The Ancient Labyrinth category of my musings. Research sources below; all artwork by me. Horns of Consecration Horn-shaped object, “perhaps the most ubiquitous symbol of Minoan religion.” These horns were mounted on altars or …

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