“I am a child of Earth and Starry Heaven,

but my birth is of Heaven alone.”

Translation of the inscription on the Orphic gold tablets (from Richard Janko, “Forgetfulness in the Golden Tablets of Memory,” Classical Quarterly 34 (1984) 89–100, especially p. 99)

My name is Brooke, and my pronouns are she/her.

This blog houses the poetic musings of a cultural / ethnic Jew reconstructing Levantine, Kemetic (Egyptian), and Orphic Hellenic polytheism.  I am currently a Remetj with the Kemetic Orthodoxy, as well as the creator of my own Levantine hearth cult called Derekh Kochavim (The Starry Way). I also engage with the Mysteries of Dionysos via a practice I call Naós Tou Eleuthereus (Temple of the Liberator).

Other important aspects of my spiritual life worth mentioning:

  • Divination (specifically Tarot reading)
  • Herbalism (I am a trained herbalist)
  • The Living Crossroads, an Orphic-inspired witchcraft coven into which I have been initiated