“I am a child of Earth and Starry Heaven,

but my birth is of Heaven alone.”

Translation of the inscription on the Orphic gold tablets (from Richard Janko, “Forgetfulness in the Golden Tablets of Memory,” Classical Quarterly 34 (1984) 89–100, especially p. 99)

My name is Brooke, and my pronouns are she/her. I live on the colonized land of the Lenape people (Philadelphia, PA, USA) with my husband, my dog, and my numerous house plants.

This blog houses the poetic musings of a cultural / ethnic Jew reconstructing Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) and Minoan/early Mycenaean polytheism.

  • My Jewish practice is based upon the beliefs and traditions passed down to me from my Ashkenazi ancestors, as well as the teachings of the Kohenet Hebrew priestesses.
  • My Kemetic practice is based in Kemetic Orthodoxy. I am currently a Remetj within that community.
  • My Minoan/early Mycenaean practice is based on a personal reconstruction project called The Ancient Labyrinth. This part of my spirituality is the most “in progress”, so to speak.

Other important aspects of my spiritual life worth mentioning:

  • Divination (specifically Tarot reading)
  • Herbalism (I am a trained herbalist)
  • The Living Crossroads, a local witchcraft coven into which I have been initiated